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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will the schedule be this year?

A. Tentative schedules are complete, but are subject to change depending on number of players and teams.

Tee ball- Mon/Wed
Coach pitch Tue/Thu
Farm Tues/Sat * additional dates may be added with Holliston
Minors Mon/Thu/Sat
Majors Sun/Wed/Fri

Q. My son is in a lower grade and is older with a birthday is in the summer, why does he have to play in a level above his friends?

A. The MYB board decided two seasons ago to follow the Little League age guidance.  This was needed for multiple reasons:

1- Many of our leagues combine play with other towns in the spring season which also follow the LL age rules.

2- When it comes to summer baseball and other tournaments, Tondorf, Sizzler, Charles River league, Mendon Memorial Day, and Sparkler we are held to strict age rules that also follow the LL age guidance. 

3- This rule was put into place by LL for player safety, as it removes the kids that turn 13 during the summer from playing on the 60' diamond.

We recognize the impact this has on summer birthdays and its implications, however we feel in the end this is best for all players. We strive to make the play for all players fair.  The coaches work very hard to develop the players.  While it will be difficult at times in the beginning we almost always see these players get on par with the younger players in the division.

Q.  Can my son play up/down a league?

A.  See previous Q and A

Q. Why have fees increased this year?

A. Our fee structure is designed to cover 70-75% of league cost with the remaining fees covered by our fundraising efforts.  Our previous fees allowed us to only cover 60% of league costs.  Costs that are covered include the following:

-Player insurance

-Player uniforms

-Equipment (helmets, tees, catcher gear, ect)

-Town fees, which include field rentals and additional per player fees


One main reason for the increase is due to the town increasing the rental fees they are charging to MYB.  We feel our cost are very far and rank among the lowest fees of surrounding towns, which are 20-30% higher in towns such as Holliston, Bellingham and others.


Q. Where does fundraising money go?

A. Our fundraising income covers many costs.

- Subsidize player fees

- Field improvements such as the dugouts, lights, addition of the bathrooms

- Field maintenance such as, field lines, conditioner on base paths and other field repairs

- Non-player equipment such as, batting tees, pitching machines, L-screens, batting cage nets and baseballs

- Rooney’s improvements, changes in the health and safety code enforcement has required us to undertake major renovations, including a 3-bay sink, a new cooking hood, an ANSIL fire system.

Please look back as we answer other questions.