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Fall Baseball


Medway Youth Baseball is gauging interest in a fall baseball program for 2022.  The program would run from mid-September to late October.

If your kid would like to participate in fall baseball, please click the registration link on this page.  There will be no charge at the time of registration.  Should the leagues move forward, an electronic invoice will be sent to each participant.  Registration fees were $100 for 2021 fall ball and will depend on league formats for 2022.  Scholarships will be available.

See below for additional information on each league offered.  


  • Registration division is based on  NEXT YEAR'S (2023) baseball age (age as of 8/31/2023, see Little League age chart below)
  • For example, the 2022 12-y/o who just completed their last season on the small diamond will play on the big diamond as 13-y/o in the fall
  • Leagues look to work around fall sports schedules to the extent possible, although conflicts may exist

Senior League (13-14 y/o)

  • Mid-September to late October (5-6 weeks)
  • Games at Idylbrook, Medway Middle School, and surrounding towns
  • One weekend game, one-weekday game (as light allows), plan on one-weekday practice

Majors (11-12 y/o)

  • Mid-September to late October (5-6 weeks)
  • Games played in Medway and surrounding towns (Norfolk, Sharon, Medfield)
  • Sat afternoon/evening game, one-weekday session (practice or game)
  • Registration fee of $75

Minors (8-10 y/o)

  • Instructional, Sandlot-style league played in Medway on Saturday afternoons (3:30 to 5:15-5:30) @CRB Field
  • Sessions will run from Sat 9/10 to Sat 10/22 (7 sessions)
  • Kids show up, warm up, split into teams, and play baseball for a couple of hours
  • $50 registration fee